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The Weekly Shop is Dead - How the way we live is changing our buying habits

- 01/05/2018

Ever wielded a giant trolley around a supermarket on a Sunday for the weekly shop? Well those days are coming to an end as the way we live is changing the way we shop, eat and socialise.

The current rise in what are termed 'mixed-use developments' aren't just transforming our skylines, they're transforming our habits by putting everything that we need right at our doorstep through the integration of essential lifestyle services.

And one of the main services is the supermarket, which stands to change our waistlines, health and happiness.

Southbank's Melbourne Square has just announced the inclusion of the suburb's first full-line Woolworths supermarket at the base of the project, to open when the first stage's inaugural two apartment towers are completed in late 2020.

The latest in the new wave of supermarkets, Melbourne Square's Woolworths will offer everything from fresh produce, a bakery, sushi made fresh in store, plus everything else you have come to expect from the Fresh Food People.

And having it located just below the apartments, means the traditional weekly shop may be replaced with quicker daily trips for super fresh produce. No longer will residents of Melbourne Square have to lug around their entire week's worth of groceries in heavy bags, nor spend hours on a Sunday afternoon shopping - it will be like having the world's biggest pantry just downstairs.

The convenience isnt just good news for residents, but also the environment. The amount of food wasted at the back of the fridge will decrease dramatically, as a list of regular items and a quick trip picking up fresh items for dinner will prove to be extremely time effective.

What the developers at OSK Property hope is that it also encourages healthier eating. Being able to prepare fresh food every night is a win for everyone.

Research1 has found that people who eat home-cooked meals on a regular basis tend to be happier and healthier and consume less sugar and processed foods, which can result in higher energy levels and better mental health. In addition to an increase in health and wellbeing, home cooking is generally more affordable and better for the environment, which saves us money and reduces our carbon footprint.

So what are you waiting for? When buying an apartment consider how close your nearest supermarket is - it could just transform your life.

1 https://www.medicaldaily.com/health-benefits-home-cooked-meals-24291

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